Ersil & Daisy Biller Siblings[*]Sometime during the year of 2004, my second cousin, (Dolores Jean Biller…….) who is the daughter of my first cousin, Carol Jack Biller, who died May 25, 2002 and  was the son of Cecil Johnson Biller, who was a brother of my father, Ersil Marie (M), Biller, sent me a document concerning the genealogy of the Biller family. The document listed in detail, the efforts of my first cousin, Carol Jack Biller, known as Jack, who had done research in establishing the family genealogy tree.  Upon receiving the document I began doing intensive research on our family roots.   Therefore, this genealogy is based on a document that began with my cousin, Jack and also conversations and interviews held with my Aunt (Gen) Genevieve (Biller) Koontz, before her death (July 11,2013). I have constructed to the best of my knowledge and research the Biller Family Genealogy Tree.


In my quest to establish this genealogy, I have tried to stay within the line that was traced by my cousin, Carol Jack Biller.  My efforts have led me to researching family documents that are available through computer technology, and it has allowed me to be able to examine last names, dates of death, marriages, and births of the next generations.

It was my desire to create the Biller Family Tree in a format that can be read manually or electronically as well as having the possibility to be reviewed and expanded as time passes and new additions come into the Biller Family.

The generations are notated accordingly:

  1. The first number means generation ranking
  2. The second number indicates the number of children born in that particular family.

For example, Carol Jack Biller, known in the family as Jack, has a ranking linked to the 9th generation,  and he was also the first born of Cecil Johnson Biller and Hattie B. Canfield.   Another example is my own ranking.  I am ranked as 9-3 which means 9th generation and the 3rd son of Ersil Marie Biller and Daisy Regina Moore Biller.


*NOTE 1:  According to records I have researched the Billers came over to the United States around 1709 out of Ansbach, Germany.  I’ve found a passenger list that indicates a Johann  Biller came across on the ship Murdoch that landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 19 September or 30 September 1751 (see Incl #1). The problem is that it does not indicate how they got to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia or how or when the family line moved to Tucker County, Virginia to a place called Texas that is around the Texas Mountain just before West Virginia became a state.


*NOTE 2: The document is also based on a Delayed Birth Certificate requested by Johnson Marvin Biller in 1954, which he was required to have in order to apply for his Social Security Pension Check.  Johnson Marvin Biller who was my grandfather applied for the birth certificate in a little place called Texas which was located on route 31 adjacent to Highway 92 at Nesterville, West Virginia, in the direction of Parson, West Virginia that was next to Texas Mountain, which had, in 1962, the only Post Office and school.  However, it never rose to the status of being an official town according to the History of Tucker County, West Virginia written by Homer Floyd Fansler.

*NOTE 3: The first generation and the second generation line of this Biller Family originated in Germany. The spelling of their last name was the German spelling, Buehler.  There are some Genealogists, however, from the line  of the Billers that believe the last name, Biller, was changed from Bollen to Bohlen, or  to Beeler and later to Bealer before it was finally changed to Biller, although my research shows that the last name in our family was changed in spelling later to Biller.


*NOTE 4: It was typical in those days and times to change a foreign name its English equivalent.  For example, Johann Christof Buehler meant in English John Christopher Biller. This process took place with all of the immigrants that came to the United States or were born with foreign names within the United States.